Five Day Google Analytics Online Workshop

Learn the essentials of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager

New Dates Added:  April 26th - 30th 2021

9:00AM - 12:30PM AEST 



What You'll Learn

Over five days, our trainers will use a mix of deep-dive sessions, structured exercises and shorter need-to-know modules that download best practices of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager directly into your brain.

Designed for business owners and digital professionals, we'll cover the essentials of Google Analytics, Google Data Studio and Google Tag Manager.

Learn from industry consultants

We’re a dedicated analytics agency, and one of Australia’s largest Google Analytics 360 resellers. We’ll be teaching you tools and tricks we’ve applied on projects for some of Australia’s biggest brands. 

Get hands on with your data

Instead of just telling you what you can do, we show you how to do it - for your own business, with your own data. We keep no secrets.

Personal and fun

Stuffy learning environments and pre-recorded lectures don't cut it for us. To keep the experience personal and collaborative, we’ve capped it to just 10 participants per session.


At Data Runs Deep we're a dedicated analytics agency with offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Hobart.  We love to share what we know, so we've been delivering Google Analytics training workshops since 2012 to organisations like Aesop, the Digital Transformation Agency, and Spotify. 


Director of Analytics

Secure Your Spot

To give you the best training experience possible, we're keeping attendance capped at 10 people maximum - this means spots are very limited. 

Please note that attendance at our training courses is subject to our terms and conditions.





Delivered Online

April 26th - April 30th 2021

9:00AM - 12:30PM


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I really enjoyed it. Very relaxed and I enjoyed the open forum, so people could share their business' particular challenges, solutions, tools, and approaches - Melbourne

It was genuinely the best training course I've ever attended - Melbourne

Super informative and practical. They were all great speakers / trainers and the hands on approach was really useful - 

I found the course incredibly illuminating, as I had a very superficial understanding of what Analytics is capable of, before completing this training - 

It gave attendees the skills to get a good data model going for website measurement. I think the trainers each had the unique ways of delivering the content which was great. It was an enjoyable and fun way to cover the topic of data and analytics - 

Course Content & Requirements

Here's a comprehensive list of everything you can expect us to cover over the five day course and follow up session.

The five day online Google Analytics workshop will cover:

  • Web analytics concepts
  • Analytics measurement strategy
  • Analysis methods, techniques and realisation
  • Google Analytics reporting & visualisation
  • Setting up Google Analytics properly
  • Campaign tracking In Google Analytics
  • Finding And fixing problems with data quality
  • Setting up a report and connecting to your data in Google Data Studio
  • Creating charts and filter controls
  • Reporting on multiple data sources/ blending data sources
  • Creating custom metrics and dimensions
  • Sharing reports
  • The what and why's of Google Tag Manager
  • Setup and basic page tagging
  • Tracking where the visitors are clicking
  • Implementing third-party tracking pixels

You'll need to have:

  • Ideally, at least some familiarity with the Google Analytics interface. This course isn't for absolute beginners
  • Access to the Google Analytics property for your website
  • A Google compatible email address (e.g. Gmail)
  • A Zoom compatible device for the training
  • No technical or development knowledge is required

Analytics Consultant


Technical Consultant



To find out more, call us on 1300 737 885, email us on or complete a quick contact form.

Curriculum & Outcomes

Our training courses aren't like everyone else's. Our training is all about chasing the spark, taking you to the "aha!" moment where the power and bottom line value of web analytics suddenly hits.

Day One April 26th 9am-12:30pm

Google Analytics Fundamentals

Google Analytics Fundamentals courses are a dime a dozen -- because teaching easy stuff is easy. That's why we're going beyond easy stuff and covering areas that we think are the real fundamentals: measurement strategy, analysis techniques, and visualisation.

Day One is designed for anyone that needs a grounding in the hands-off skills around web analytics. We work through measurement strategies in awesome group exercises.

Training Outcomes: Complete your own Google Analytics brief and reporting framework for your business.

Day Two April 27th 9am-12:30pm

Google Analytics: Applied and Advanced

Day Two plants attendees at the heart of two major web analytics pain points -- data quality, and effective campaign management and reporting.

We introduce a tried and tested model to make campaign reporting a breeze, and back it up with a set of hands-on exercises and workshops.

Training Outcomes: We'll set you up with our favourite campaign tracking solution and teach you how to troubleshoot common data quality issues in Google Analytics.

Day Three April 28th 9am-12:30pm

Fundamental Google Data Studio

We analyse problems, we think about the big picture, and we segment our users in Google Analytics. We look at models for reporting and visualisation, and we make it fun. 

Enter Google Data Studio - an incredibly beautiful and flexible tool that allows you to visualise data in customisable, engaging ways.

It's also a slippery little so-and-so, with more quirks than you can count and a difficulty curve that, depending on what you're trying to do, can be more like a right-angle.

Training Outcomes: Get started on your own bespoke branded dashboard. Connect to your GA data, create charts and filter controls.

Day Four April 29th 9am-12:30pm

Google Data Studio Deep Dive

Hands-on advanced reporting exercises in Google Data Studio will take your dashboard to the next level. Prepare to get your hands dirty with reporting on multiple data sources and blending data, as well as creating custom metrics and dimensions.

Make reporting a breeze with automated scheduling of your reports - and understand how the report findings lead to meaningful business insights and actionable optimisations.

Training Outcomes: Complete and automate your custom dashboard to answer your big analytics questions.

Day Five April 30th 9am-12:30pm

Google Tag Manager

Explore using Google Tag Manager to install your own marketing tags and custom website tracking - no developer experience required. Work through the theory and practice of a custom implementation.

Training Outcomes: Create a GTM container with custom tracking which can be applied to your website.

Drop In Session May 14th 10am-12pm

Questions and answers with our trainers

Two weeks later, we'll have a drop in session available. Pick our brains on post-training questions and let us help you put your learnings into action.





Delivered Online

April 26th - April 27th 2021

9:00AM - 12:30PM






Delivered Online

April 28th - April 29th 2021

9:00AM - 12:30PM






Delivered Online

April 30th 2021

9:00AM - 12:30PM